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What is a dental implant? What is an implanted tooth? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Why

Tooth loss is a common health problem that can significantly affect quality of life. Implant treatment offers a modern and effective solution to this problem. So, what is an implant?

What is a dental implant? Dental Implants Turkey

Tooth loss is a common health problem that can significantly affect quality of life. Implant treatment offers a modern and effective solution to this problem. So, what is an implant? Dental implants are titanium screws that are surgically placed into the jawbone to replace missing teeth. These screws fuse to the jawbone over time and assume the function of natural tooth roots. As Videntis Dental Clinic in Karşıyaka, Izmir, we offer state-of-the-art implant treatments to our patients.

What is an Implanted Tooth?

An implant tooth is a prosthesis that is placed on an implant and has the appearance and function of a natural tooth. These prostheses are manufactured to high standards in terms of aesthetics and function and look and feel almost identical to natural teeth. This method can be applied in case of any kind of tooth loss, including anterior tooth implant.

Advantages of Dental Implants

Natural Appearance and Function: Implants provide the closest appearance and functionality to your natural teeth, so you get a more natural smile.

Long Lasting Solution: With proper care and oral hygiene, implants can last for decades.

Ease of Speaking and Chewing: Since they are more stable than other prostheses, they provide a more comfortable use during speech and chewing.

Prevents Bone Erosion: By replacing natural tooth roots, it prevents the erosion of the jawbone.Diş İmplantının Dezavantajları

Disadvantages of Dental Implants

The Process May Take Time: Integration of the implant into the jawbone and the healing process can take several months.

Cost: The prices of dental implants may be higher than other dental treatment options, but considering the long-term benefits, this can be considered a cost-effective investment.

Requires Surgical Procedure: The placement of the implant requires a surgical procedure and, as with any surgical procedure, there are some risks, such as the risk of infection.

Why Should I Get Dental Implants?

Your dental health is an integral part of your overall health. Implants offer the most natural and functional solution to replace lost teeth. They also provide you with an aesthetic smile and preserve the natural balance of your facial structure.

Thanks to dental implants, you will regain your old smile. In fact, it is possible to say that you will have a much better smile. In fact, when you get a dental implant, it is beneficial in more than one way. It allows us to fulfill the activities we do with our mouth and teeth, such as chewing and speaking, in a healthy and proper way. It harmonizes with the gums and jaw like a natural tooth. Of course, for this, you need to use implant brands made of the right material and of proven quality.

At the same time, from an aesthetic point of view, implants give you a great smile. This will also have certain consequences. As you know, high self-confidence has a profound effect on your whole life and social life. Thanks to implants, you will have a great natural-looking smile. It is a proven fact that a healthy and aesthetically beautiful smile increases self-confidence very much. Thanks to implants, you can say hello to a more confident and wonderful life!

What to Eat After Implants? What Cannot Be Eaten After Implant Treatment? Which Foods Should I Consume?

After the implant operation, it is recommended to consume soft foods to support the healing process. Eating liquid and soft foods for the first few days supports healing at the operation site. Over time, you can return to your normal diet according to the condition of your teeth and your doctor's recommendations.

How should nutrition be after implant? This is one of the most frequently asked questions. After implant treatment, it is necessary not to use our implanted teeth too much, at least for the first day. Therefore, first of all, we should not consume very hot and very cold foods. Excessively hot or cold foods can damage the implants. Also, we do not recommend consuming very hard, crusted and solid foods on the first day. It would make more sense to consume liquid products such as applesauce, mashed potatoes, soup and yogurt on the first day.

In the first days, we recommend that you meet your protein needs from non-hard foods as well as your liquid consumption-weighted diet. As a result, you may need a protein-oriented diet after implant treatment, which involves surgical procedures.

Reducing or limiting smoking to zero for a long time will be a very good choice for your dental health and implant health. Approximately 10 days after the treatment, you can start consuming relatively hard foods such as some meat products and bananas, provided that they are not too hard.

Of course, the important thing here is to communicate with your doctor. Every person and every dental treatment is special, even if there are common points. It would be the most logical choice to maintain a diet in consultation with your doctor.

Implant Treatment Process

Implant treatment consists of several stages. First, a detailed dental examination and the necessary radiological examinations are performed. Then, surgery is performed to insert the implants. The implant is allowed to fully integrate into the jawbone for several months. In the final stage, prosthetic teeth are placed on it.

The details of the implant treatment process is one of the most frequently asked questions. If we explain in more detail:

First Step of the Process: Inspection and Examination Phase

During the examination phase, the condition of the upper and lower jaw, the general structure of the mouth and teeth, the condition of the gums and teeth are examined. If the patient's condition is deemed suitable for implantation, X-rays and three-dimensional tomography are taken for the necessary examinations. The number of implants and their locations are presented to the patient; the type of prosthesis to be worn is decided.

Implant Treatment and Operation

Slots are made in the tooth for the implants to be placed. Of course, anesthesia is applied to prevent pain during this procedure. Local anesthesia is the preferred type of anesthesia with a very high rate. Sometimes tissue addition may be required in this part for implant treatment. Jaw bones can be strengthened. In such a case, the type of anesthesia can also be changed.

Waiting and Recovery

Implant treatment is a time-consuming treatment. In this process, prostheses are usually used temporarily because it is not desirable to negatively affect the person's daily life. Depending on the situation and the number of implants, this process can take up to 5 months. It is important to be in contact with your physician during this process.

Completion of the Implant

During this process, implants are placed in the implant sockets. The importance of the implant surgeon emerges here once again. Implants generally consist of two parts. We can define it as the abutment and the implant itself.

Completion and Construction of the Prosthesis

In this process, the patient's wishes and demands are taken into consideration and the prosthesis is made. The tooth color is decided together, measurements are taken and the prosthesis is made.

Videntis Dental Clinic Difference

Videntis Dental Clinic, located in Karşıyaka, Izmir, provides services in a luxurious and comfortable environment with expert doctors and state-of-the-art equipment. As in all kinds of dental treatments, we offer customized solutions to our patients in implant treatment.

Our Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Implantology Specialist, Uz. Dt. We provide implant treatments with Akif Maytalman. You will feel the difference of working with a specialist in the field. We welcome you to our clinic for a healthy and aesthetic smile. You can make an appointment by calling right now!


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